Learning Avenues is a family owned and operated centre focused on providing high quality care and education. At Learning Avenues Child Care Centre and Kindergarten we provide high quality care for all children. Every child is treated equally and we ensure each child benefits from the caring, secure and nurturing environment of the centre. We treat children as unique individuals and encourage them to develop at their own pace through exploration and discovery of their environment and the people around them.

Learning Avenues Take Pride In

Providing care for children LDC and OSHC. Separate room/ space for OSHC. Vacation care provided with centre bus for transport to and from excursion destinations.

Purpose built and designed state of the art building  and an expansive playground area

 CCTV cameras for carpark along with secure entry with pin code at gates to ensure the safest possible environment for our children and their families.

Part of the “Be You” program promoting and supporting mental health in the early years for children and their families through seasons of trauma.

Connected to our local indigenous elders with a strong focus on inclusion for all children and all cultures.

Connected to inclusion services to support children with additional needs and individual learning capabilities.

Committed to ongoing training and development for the best outcomes for all children.

Regular incursions and excursions for all children included at no additional charge.

Regular and ongoing improvements to our learning environments and updated resourcing for the entire service which reflects the current and emerging interests of the children.

We see all children and their families as part of our “Learning Avenues Family” and work to create and maintain meaningful and significant relationships which establish a safe and loving environment for all children.

Passionate about networking with other ECE services and support services to improve outcomes for all children.

Accredited Kindergarten program 5 days per week with focus on children’s interests through project based play, specialised resourcing specific to Kindergarten outcomes & passionate about school transition.

Offering Sessional Care to help maximise your CCS (Child Care Subsidy).

Offering 9, 10 & 12 hours sessions.