Our centre aims to provide a warm caring, safe, welcoming, homely and stimulating learning environment.Which children and their families can share knowledge, aspirations, skills and ideas, to develop children’s self-esteem and interdependence-assisting them to become confident and capable learners.

Play is acknowledged as a fundamental approach to children’s learning and enhances the development of the whole child, encouraging them to become successful learners. Here and now, “Being”, and in the future “Becoming”. By incorporating the Early Years Learning Framework and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines into our daily practice, we ensure children experience quality teaching and learning.

Children are supported in making their own choices, where their unique qualities and abilities will help them influence and contribute to their world. Creating a vibrant and flexible learning space within the centre’s outdoor and indoor environment. This is responsive to the interest and abilities of children& will encourage children to be confident and creative explorers.  The use of open-ended interactions, spontaneity and risk taking will have a positive impact on children’s learning.




Our Educators will provide planned opportunities for knowledge, scaffolding and incorporating environmental and sustainable practices.We will be actively promoting challenging experiences, fostering interactions and children’s thinking skills, which will create a sense of “Belonging”, where children feel respected and valued. Documenting and enhancing these meaningful experiences, will support children in their journey in working towards achieving the learning outcomes.

We foster a team approach where all educators, families and children play a valuable part in supporting learning. Children’s voices are heard when planning and programming both individually and in groups. We are committed to gain a better understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Culture, by honouring cultures, languages, traditions, beliefs, history, diversity and additional needs of all families. We will enhance children’s shared thinking about acknowledging and changing the world we live in.

Community awareness and involvement both within our centre and outside is important. Our own families and community organisations enable us to learn from, support and be involved, ensuring our place within its circle.


‘Piaget believed that children learn through play and hands on, concrete experiences. Emergent curriculum, developmentally appropriate practice, the project approach and even the Reggio Emilia approach all have this need for children to play, touch and learn through real experiences within the foundations of the program.’ (Jean Piaget 1896-1980)