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Our Learning Studios

At Learning Avenues Child Care Centre and Kindergarten we have seven learning studios. Each of these carefully curated spaces are rich in learning opportunities and seek to emulate a home like experience. Our studio names were inspired by our beautiful natural bush setting We have selected artistry and mediums that reflect the creative exploration of our learners.

Gumnut and Willie Wagtail Studios: Infants 0-2 years

Within our infant studios we believe that relationships are at the core of all decisions made. We take time to foster and establish authentic and meaningful connections. This applies not only to the child educator relationship but also the educator caregiver relationship. We see the importance of children feeling safe and secure and we seek to replicate a homelike environment. We will mirror your child’s home routine to assure consistency and to respect your child’s needs. We offer open communication about your child’s daily experiences with us.

You will receive real time updates via our online platform OWNA. We encourage face to face connections with educators at Drop off and Pick up times. This will be an opportunity to share insights, ideas and information about your child’s care and education. All of our learners, including our infants, will have access to both our indoor and outdoor environments. We see value in immersive sensory exploration, where learners will be involved all weather elements as well as mud, sand, water and other sensorial experiences.
We have chosen to remain shoe free in our Infant Studios. This decision is based on recent research around earthing (connecting with the environment) and physical development. We are mindful of learners in this space and we understand and respect their developmental need of spending extended periods of time exploring ground level environments.

Child safety is paramount in our service. Our Educators follow Child Safe guideline and do not accept deviations from this. If you would like more information on safe sleep please visit the following link. www.rednose.com.au.

Lilly Pilly and Wattle Studios: Toddlers 2-3 years

Within our Toddler studios we understand and recognize children’s emotional development as they navigate through their own feeling and how to respectfully respond to others. We endeavor to create a safe environment for children to express and explore all emotions. We will collaborate with children and families to overcome and work through this new stage. This stage in their growth and development is also time in which they are beginning understanding their bodies signs needs and how to respond to them. Our approach to toileting is in respect to the individual child’s needs and readiness. This process is a positive and empowering experience and is not rushed or forced.

We empower children to make their own choices whilst fostering their growing sense of agency. We provide time and space for children to explore their independence through our Rhythms and Rituals. Mealtimes are a great opportunity to explore this new sense of agency and independence. Children are supported to set up, self-serve and reset mealtime spaces.

In our studios we have time for rest and relaxation. For some children this may mean a sleep, while others it may mean quiet relaxation or play. Where possible we will offer outdoor sleep under our covered verandah.

Our environments support and encourage courageous play where children take considered risks and learn to assess new challenges. Our Educators will support children to navigate new friendships and have meaningful connections with others.

Kookaburra and Bankia Studios: Preschool 3-5 years

Our preschool studios offers our learners a chance to actively collaborate with their peers and the wider community. We encourage the sharing of ideas and give our learners multiple opportunities to research and explore their thinking. Our learners are encouraged to express their thoughts in a multitude of ways and are offered a range of open-ended materials to do so. We see learners as researchers and provide space for their curiosities to drive their learning journeys.

Literacy and numeracy are explored in authentic and meaningful ways. We seek opportunities to share high quality literature and environments rich in language and possibilities. We see the transition to school as something that incorporates a whole child perspective and believe in meeting the child where they are at.

We support and encourage children to use their bodies in courageous and new ways. Our environments support whole body movement, and we work with the children to assess their bodies abilities and make educated judgements of risks.

Within this age group children begin to understand their unique capabilities and interests. We support them to share this knowledge with others and encourage peer mentoring and leadership skills. We actively discuss and work towards building reciprocal and respectful relationships between children. We help them navigate and negotiate between their needs and the needs of others.

Kingfisher Studio: Out of School Hours Care

We believe out of hours school care should be a sanctuary and retreat where children can relax and feel safe in a home like environment. We place value on creating a nurturing and close-knit community of up to 10 children per session. We will provide a multitude of creative and engaging experiences which supports connections and friendships. Children will have the opportunity to revisit project work with the time with us and engage deeply with our outdoor setting.

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